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  1. DualSport

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    Dec 26, 2002
    Burlington, ON
    Zumo and tracklogs

    The zumo will work off road - it's a GPS and it has maps. It will show your position on the map whether you are on a road or in the woods. The maps that are pre-loaded in the zumo go down to great detail and have many of the forest roads, powerline trails, road allowances, etc that we ride. It also has a Route Preference setting of "Faster Time", "Shorter Distance" or "Off Road" so I'm not sure why you say it won't work off road.

    I've previously commented that it is not a good choice for off-road use because it cannot load and display multiple tracklogs. Each tracklog that is loaded to the zumo gets converted to a route, and only one route (the Active Route) is displayed. We use tracklogs from previous rides to show where the trails are when the GPS map doesn't have the detail we need.

    I have now found a workaround to this issue and have found a way to make multiple tracklogs display on a zumo. I cannot find any mention of this on any GPS Forums, especially Zumo Forums, so I'm not sure if others have found this out yet.

    It's quite complicated how to do it so it's not suitable to describe in a post. If anyone has a zumo and this is a problem for them, contact me by e-mail and I'll pass on what I've found out.