Planning to travel? Don't know what to carry? Having done this for years now, I found that having a list of things is a good measure against discomfort and a very large headache. These lists are designed for a dual purpose bike and different trip durations. The lists represent only the essentials and can be re-organized based on the rider's individual needs.
"Safari salama" (happy travels in Swahili)
  • Day Trip
  • Sleep Over
  • A Whole Week
  • The Long Haul
    A day ride means many things. For instance, you will probably not be far away from civilization or help. As well, you will not be sleeping away from your comfortable bed and as far as a feast is concerned, you can probably make do with a prepared snack or meal; carry along. This list is based on a dual sport bike so, we presume you will not be towing your bike along but riding to and fro.

    Some items may seem to be unnecessary, but can be the dividing line between fun and misery.

    • Clutch cable (taped to existing one)
    • Tubes, tire lever, puncture repair kit and pump
    • Chain link or two
    • Spark Plug
    • half litre of engine oil
    • Tool kit
    • Pocket tool (leatherman or Gerber)
    • insulation tape
    • extra set of keys
    • first aid kit
    • map (only if area is large)
    • phone (if possible)
    • Documents
    • rain suit & appropriate gear
    • anything else you deem essential
    The only real difference between the sleepover and a day ride is that you need to carry items for both shelter and cooking.
    Carry only enough for the time you will need it. For example, if you are cooking only one meal, you need to carry enough for one meal.
    Add the following to the Day list to complete.


    • light 2 man tent
    • sleeping bag & mat
    • lantern & maglite
    • Stove (OPTIMUS 123 or 8R)
    • Pots and utensils
    • radio or walkman with speakers
    • Food items
    • Extra clothing
    • Camera (if needed)
    • toiletries
    • Any extra items you feel necessary

The difference between a trip for a whole week and a sleepover is that you will need to carry a few extra items based on the increased needs.
Add the following list to the 'Day trip' and 'Sleepover' lists to complete.


  • more food items
  • more money for fuel, fees and food
  • shovel for call of nature and handling coals
  • batteries, bulb for maglite & radio
  • extra clothing
  • spare parts (easily damaged in a fall)
  • extra fuel for lantern
  • larger first aid kit
  • folding saw for firewood
  • insect repellent
  • towel and essentials
  • something for a nitecap
  • anything else deemed necessary

This requires more careful planning and is based on region of travel. The more remote and inaccessible, the more you need to carry. This list is based on very remote travel where one might be far away from any form of civilization.
The only item you may find is fuel and water in remote locations. As a result, this list maximizes on items that are not at all available anywhere; pertinent to the bike and rider's survival. You can add or remove to the list based on the region you will be travelling. For example, If you are traveling within North America, you will probably not need to carry extra fuel or water carriers.


  • Leatherman or Gerber pocket tool kit
  • Full set of tools
  • Chain links (a few)
  • Compass on bike
  • Flares (miniature)
  • writing materials
  • intercom system (for 2 or more)
  • Jump leads & extra wire
  • small ground sheet
  • liquid metal (for repairs)
  • contacts of hospitals, embassies, dealerships, etc.
  • full puncture repair kit
  • Spare parts for bike (cables, levers, bulbs,
  • plugs, rear tire, many tubes, etc.)
  • sheepskin for seat (very comfortable)
  • Lantern and mantels
  • Stove (OPTIMUS 123 or 8R - gasoline type)
  • Maglite (extra bulbs & batteries)
  • SW/ FM/ AM radio (extra batteries)
  • GPS (bike mounted)
  • Pots, pans, utensils
  • spices and food items (non-perishable & fill as you go)
  • rope, clothes line, etc.
  • Layered clothing for all season (light wear)
  • hat, sunglasses, shorts, sandals, etc.
  • Toiletries in bottles (fill as you go)
  • Axe and shovel (portable)
  • 4 season tent (for torrential rains)
  • sleeping bag (4 season)
  • sleeping mat
  • travelling documents
  • camera and film
  • water carriers (mounted)
  • tank bag
  • panniers (can be used for sitting)
  • Medicines & prescriptions
  • Water filter
  • First aid kit (h/ duty)
  • some foreign currency
  • carnet du passage
  • 1 litre of engine oil
  • booze flask
  • maps and books
  • riding gear
  • rain suit & parka
  • service manual (copies of important pages)
  • travel insurance
  • Fuel carriers (mounted)
  • anything else deemed necessary