1. JacobVH

    JacobVH Limited User

    Oct 22, 2019
    As title states, looking to start racing in Ontario specifically more cross country / hares ramble and I'm looking for some info.
    1. Where do I find the races for the year?
    2. Where and How do I sign up for races?
    3. What is inspected on the bike?
    4. Do all events check for noise regulations?
    5. Do I need a jersey, pants, and/or chest protector

    Thanks.. Jacob
  2. Chef

    Chef ODSC Executive

    Apr 4, 2009
    Offroad Ontario is the sanctioning body
    You can get more info at offroadontario.ca
    Their schedule is on their page but things are being cancelled....what will be left of the season remains to be seen.
    Registration is all done online. Both for Offroad Ontario and the individual events. Go to livelaps.com and snoop around. You can create an account there for free.
    No real tech inspection aside from spark arrestor at some events
    Sound check is often required depending on the event and location
    You will need boots , helmet &eye protection, gloves might be required too ... can’t say that I wear them lol. the rest is your choice. One racer uses a combination of dirt bike and hockey equipment
    You will need some sort of numbers on your bike for xc events. Electrical tape will do. Some events will have white stickers that you can use a sharpie to put your number on the bike.
    You will also have to purchase a transponder for timing.
    Get out there and have fun. You will have to choose a class. Once you are at a race there are lots of folks happy to help out/give advice.