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Garmin 276cx thoughts

Discussion in 'GPS Stuff' started by Phil, Apr 11, 2018.

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    Dec 26, 2002
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    276Cx and 62s

    276Cx comes with a clip-on protector
    P1010569 - Copy.JPG

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    In general, I found that the buttons were better than the touch-screen for almost all the functions I use on a typical ride/drive, except for marking new waypoints in nearby locations (for cataloging roads and trails). This is a very specific need I have, and is probably not wanted by most people.

    Overall, if you need the large screen and don't mind spending around $900 the the 276Cx is great. If you want similar features and are OK with a touch screen, go for the Montana when it's on Sale. If you want a real bargain, check out the Garmin 78, which is the 64s in a Marine case but has a secure 12V input socket, and has most of software features of the Montana. It can be found for under $200 if you shop around.

    I ran out of time testing the 276Cx due to other commitments, but I'm sure Tony will be using it on his 'Berg in the Ganny by now and can add his comments.

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