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  1. Craig Tilford

    Craig Tilford ODSC-OFTR Member

    Aug 28, 2020
    Hi everyone, this is the same guy that is selling/sold the 2011 VStrom 650 listed in another post.

    This guy is a retired motorcycle mechanic that worked his career at OPP. He is selling his tool cabinet that I think stands over 5' tall and it is STUFFED with tools. We went thru most of the drawers and there are a ton of tools! I don't know tools like he does, but he says there is over $20,000 in tools. Like I said, I don't know tools, but I think he's underestimating at $20,000. Maybe he's quoting the prices when he bought them decades before. LOL

    Special note for Harley owners (of course OPP bikes) there are a lot of Harley tools. Here is the ad:


    If you go see Sterling, tell him and Peggy that Craig sent you. They are wonderful people.

    Please feel free to pass along to other clubs